The type of the safe healthy oil consumed

When hearing the word oil, surely you have in mind any person i.e. opined that oil is one of the factors triggering all sorts of disease because they contain a lot of fat that became the source of the illness if consumed. But not all the suppositions were true it is, that is because there are still many types of oils that turned out to be able to provide health benefits to the human body. The oil is not good for the health of the body is the oil that contain saturated fats. And if your oil consumption is healthy oils just a little fat, legitimate only to be consumed, and below a safe healthy type of oil is consumed:

The type of the safe healthy oil consumed

Coconut oil: 

coconut oil is a kind of pure oils made from coconut, and safely consumed which is made from raw materials of fresh coconut, and is not processed by heating or even without chemicals. Pure coconut oil is better known as a virgin coconut rendak will identify saturated fats, is to have a clear color, has a fragrant and long lasting as well as it contains lauric acid which is antibiotics, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

Olive oil: 

olive oil is a type of oil made from the olives that grow slowly. And this type of oil is a type of oil for healthy because few contain saturated fat and has many benefits in addition to cooking can also tackle a wide range of complaints of illness, although overload, so its use shall not because any excessive it certainly is something that is not good.

Fish oil: 

fish oil is a type of oil that is made of salmon, as we know, that by regularly consuming fish, let alone the kind of salmon, can provide tremendous benefits to the health of the body. But if it is not possible for you in consuming the fish directly, then fish oil into an alternative ways that you can fish oil consumption, it is the healthy oils containing fatty acids, fatty acid is not the acid saturated fat, omega-3 fatty acids that have extraordinary benefits as well as multikhasiat.

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