The impact of hypertension on health

Good morning loyal readers, have you check your blood pressure regularly? Did you know with hypertension? Hypertension or more commonly known by this high blood pressure is a condition of a health disorder with symptoms slowly can ruin your organs if not immediately addressed, so although at this time the health disorders do you feel, but it can happen to you in a few years later. Hence the need to prevent a once blood pressure is not high and is at a more normal size. Yep health health is expensive, it is important for us, so take care of yourself in order to avoid the risk of a dangerous disease that can be life-threatening, including a result of hypertension. Following the damage to human organs or effects that can be caused by too high blood pressure of:

The impact of hypertension on health


heart Organ became popular due to the damage of this hypertension, that is because the blood flow that should flow smoothly and as expected this to be not smoothly due to be high blood pressure, as well as occurs a blockage of the blood vessels and the heart muscle eventually will break down and grown up and will not work as it should.

The brain: 

not just the heart, the brain can also join the damage if your blood pressure is higher than it should, so if at the function where blood flow has to supply the brain from lack of nutrients and oxygen, the other does it again If the blood pressure is high, it can lead to rupture of blood vessels in the brain can cause a stroke.


Renal functions essential to the human body, i.e. the excess water intake filter as well as food waste from the blood. So that blood circulation can result in disturbed and waste which should be filtered so accumulate. And ultimately can cause health disorders of the kidneys.

The eyes, bones and vital organs: the eye also needs blood circulation, so if its release terganggua can cause health problems such as low vision to even blindness. Hypertension can also interfere with the health of the bone where bones easy porous, and the last that will be very disruptive to your sexual life i.e. high blood pressure can cause impotence in men, as well as a hard orgasm in women .

Therefore, it is important for you to control the blood pressure on a regular basis and regularly in order to avoid the risk of dangerous diseases, whether you can do by way of preventing the cause or even if it had already happened to you, it could How do you do with the treatment of hypertension with the drug but which certainly secure consumed free of harmful side effects.

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