Living a healthy life by consuming green tea

Welcome back in health articles, on this occasion will be discussed about the health benefits of consuming green tea. Did you know that green tea is believed by the people of Japan and china as the staple drink for health, because green tea itself has tremendous benefits and multikhasiat. Thus, an awful lot of the people of Japan and china are ageless and longevity and it turns out the secret is with routine consume green tea, then what are the benefits to be gained from drinking green tea? Let's check out below a brief description of him:

Weight control: Although he has indeed been described by an expert dietitian who where apparently green tea instead of skinny, though drug so the dieticians specialist also reveals that by routinely and regularly consume green tea can help you in burning fat that is present in the body and weight control to keep ideal. How green tea help weight control is to maximize fat burning process while exercising, and block him so that the fat will be stable and terminimalisir, and in the end will not accumulate in the body. So with so you can deduce that green tea is a natural herbal diet Tea.

Living a healthy life by consuming green tea

Make a long age: according to a study conducted in 1994, the year when the Japanese at around 40,000 people, the result is that persons drinking a number of 5 cups of green tea each day or more had a lasting effect of the lower death When compared with the samasekali not drink green tea. Though indeed kuran Cup in Japan as well as the size of the Cup in Indonesia may not be similar. But the existence of the survey provide a summary that green tea can keep the health of the body to stay healthy, strong and make a long life. In addition, people who like to drink green tea will look more youthful because it contains antioxidants and vitamins C and e.

Healthy minds:

 cognitive functioning was recognized was able to rise with you consume green tea. Then with so your brain is able to work and thought add good, that is because green tea has content of epigallocatechin (EGCG) which can protect the brain from damage onset outside of that green tea has the capacity to create prevent the emergence of a disease that is dangerous and deadly cancer.

Treat skin inflammation: in fact green tea also has efficacy as an alternative way of addressing the inflammation to the skin or eczema, not just skin that blisters or bubbles and tiny that inside there is a fluid can be overcome by mengrutinkan self consuming green tea. Konsumsilah green tea on a regular basis, regularly and sufficiently in order to grab the maximum result.


breathing in the womb, there is two green tea alkalodi first theobromine and theophylline 2nd recognized have in common the shared structure of caffeine. Theobromine has a slight diuretic properties are able to stimulate the heart though so this substance being discovered will relieve the existing muscle against the respiratory system and green tea can prevent coughing. Whereas the theophylline would waging breathing as well as good to loosen bronchial muscle.

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