Connection of the congenital heart disease with Diabetes and climate

Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) or congenital heart disease is the most common congenital diseases found. In fact, more advanced treatment, still not break the CHD as a major cause of death does not rub off on the baby. In comprehensive reviews of recently published in Birth Defects Research, or for Garg, MD, and Madhumita Basu, PhD, offers to see the impact of maternal diabetes, and the potential influence of gene-environment in the conditions for the development of the heart the fetus.

 "Many epidemiological studies have shown a strong correlation between maternal diabetes and increased risk of CHD in infants born to mothers exposed to the (diabetes), " said Dr. Garg, Director of the cardiovascular research center at The Research Institute at Nationwide The children's Hospital.

Connection of the congenital heart disease with Diabetes and climate

For example, diabetes type 1 and type 2 is associated with specific subtypes of CHD. Babies born from mothers with type 1 diabetes have a greater relationship with conotruncal malformations and septal atrioventricular septum. Those born of mothers with type 2 diabetes have the highest risk of malformation and heterotoksik outlet obstruction of left ventricle. Both types of diabetes also increases the risk of other types of CHD in the baby, including malformation of airway outlet Ventricular septal and right ventricular and atrial septum.

When gestational age fetuses exposed to maternal diabetes, also became an important thing to note. Diabetic mother before conception and during the first trimester is associated with fetal diabetic embriopati that affect the heart, major blood vessels, and nerve tube. When mothers developed diabetes during the second half of pregnancy, was associated with makrosomia the fetus, cardiomyopathy, as well as the increased incidence of perinatal complications and mortality.

Diabetes is a complex disease with abnormal homeostasis of various components in the metabolism, which in turn causes metabolic syndrome as a whole. Despite this complexity has determined to be a teratogen hyperglycemia in all forms of diabetes, but the process exactly hyperglycemia mother causes birth defects in infants is still unknown.

 "The underlying Molecular Mechanisms in which changes of maternal glucose levels for action to cause congenital heart abnormalities are actively being investigated in our laboratory and others, " said Dr. Basu, Assistant Professor of research in the lab at the center of the Garg Cardiovascular Research.

 "We suspect that the gene-environment interaction is associated with the specific epigenetik process disregulasi on fetal heart, " added Dr. Basu.

Climate change and CHD

New research in the Journal of the American Heart Association reveal the interconnectedness of soaring temperatures that are sourced from global climate change with an increase in the number of babies born with a congenital heart defect (CHD) in the United States.

 "Our findings underline the alarming impact of climate change on human health and highlights the need for improved preparedness for dealing with the anticipated increase in complex conditions that often require maintenance lifetime and follow-up,  "says study author Shao Lin, m.d., Ph. D., MPH, a professor at the School of public health at the University of Albany, New York.

 "Is important for the doctor to advise pregnant women and those who are planning to get pregnant about the importance of avoiding extreme heat, particularly the 3-8 of the week post conception--a critical period of pregnancy."

Previous studies have found a relationship between exposure to the heat of the mother and the risk of heart defects in children. Although the mechanism in detail yet too uncertain, but studies in animals indicate that heat can cause cell death of the fetus or interfere with some heat-sensitive protein plays an important role in the development of fetuses, the researchers said.

Estimates in the current research is based on a projection of the number of births between 2025 and 2035 in the United States and an increase in the anticipated exposure to heat the average mother in various regions as a result of global climate change.

In their analysis, the researchers used a climate change forecasts obtained from NASA and Goddard Institute for Space Studies. They increase the temporal and spatial resolution of forecast, simulate changes daily maximum based on geographic region, and then calculate the anticipated mother hot exposure per region for the spring and summer.

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