Anorexia is more than a matter of Weight

Although relatively uncommon anorexia — only affects about 1 percent of the population — however, disorders that are closer to the psychiatric condition, it can be deadly. Indeed, even though his attack (onset) relatively early, anorexia can last for decades on more than half of those who suffer. This can cause many psychiatric and medical risk factors associated with it. At the same time, some of the highest mortality rates explain from any psychiatric disorders caused by anorexia.

Those suffering from anorexia have a fear that strong would increase weight and self-perception are troubled by sadistic. As a result, some limiting calorie consumption to less than 400 calories a day (less than a quarter of what is usually recommended for teens). Those who suffer from anorexia can quickly become skinny and losing more than 25 percent of their body weight. Quick weight loss led to a heart abnormality, structural and functional changes in the brain, the bone disease that can not be repaired, and in some cases: sudden death.

Anorexia is more than a matter of Weight

"A Research Program funded by the National Institute of Mental health, I specifically focused on understanding the mechanisms of anorexia nervosa, with the intent to inform appropriate treatment approaches. Recently, the peniliti completed a meta-analysis of the largest ever made to an existing treatment for anorexia. " Says Stuart Murray, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco. He has been researching Anorexia for 10 years and this time its analysis reveals major flaws in how the care and handling of anorexia patients during this time.

Change Your Mindset

The researchers collect findings from 35 controlled randomized trial between 1980-2017, which cumulatively assess the results of the special treatments, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, on more than 2,500 patients with anorexia. An important aspect of the study the researchers is that it checks the results in accordance with the weight loss, and cognitive symptoms such as anorexia, core the fear of gaining weight and a drive to be thin. This is different from traditional assessment about whether effective treatment, which usually only focus on the patient's weight.

"I am sad to say that what we found is gloomy. Basically, the special treatment for anorexia, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, family-based care and treatment recently, seems to have few advantages over standard control treatment as usual, as supportive counselling. " In fact, the only advantage of special care, relative to control conditions of treatment as usual is even greater opportunities to have a higher weight at the end of the treatment. The researchers found no difference in weight between the special treatment versus control on follow-up.

In addition, there is no difference in cognitive symptoms of anorexia among core specialized treatment versus control at one point. Treatments that focus on the patient and kekurusan about the food, not the guarantee of stopping the same case in the future. The researchers found that the results of the special care not to rise gradually over time.

Over Weight

The idea that our best efforts to improve treatment outcomes for four decades has failed to meet expectations was the main reason.

However, the results of this research lies in giving us who study and treat anorexia, a better idea of how we can begin to tackle the different treatment path.

"We believe these findings spoke about the urgent need to better understand the mechanisms of Neurobiological factors anorexia. We can no longer assume that an increase in the weight of the patient should be the ultimate goal of treatment for anorexia, and will provide an improvement in cognitive symptoms. While the normalization of weight reduce the risk of acute medical complex events, ongoing fears will increase body weight and food intake will likely mean heavy attacks and hunger in the days to come, "Murray convincing.

Future research efforts should explain the exact mechanism to support the cognitive symptoms of anorexia and had to change this mechanism be medicinal purposes.

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