Walk Often Tingling? Alert!! Maybe you Have one of these diseases!!

Surely all of us have experienced that, and usually tingling of his name often occurs in the legs. Distance the tingling in the medical world is referred to as Aresthesia. Aresthesia own medical is by definition a sensation like digelitik, ditusuk-tusuk and sometimes accompanied by a sense of numb fingers or kerubungi like ants, hence often called  "tingling ".

Paresthesia can occur due to transport axon (part in nerve fibers) is interrupted so that nutrients from any nerves join disturbed. Did You Know? According to research recently distance the tingling is one of the traits or symptoms of the onset of heart disease. But there has been no further research and more research in against it.

Walk Often Tingling? Alert!! Maybe you Have one of these diseases!!

For that the author tried to summarize some of the diseases that it said might happen to you, if you ever experience a tingling sensation (especially someone who very often experiencing tingling) allows to have one of the following diseases :

1. Stroke

It turns out the distance the tingling can be set as an indication you're having a stroke. It can just happen because one of the factors in the occurrence of stroke is a disruption of your nerves, while the distance the tingling also occur due to disruption of your nerves.

2. Heart

Heart disease also occurs due to complications in heart and her nerves. Yet another highly influential nerve against some diseases. Blood blockage usually occurs in the brain right on the sensory, and when that happens the sufferer will feel the distance the tingling on one of them.

3. Rheumatism


Arthritis can also occur with distance the tingling as the indications. Because of rheumatism happens because there are nerves too. If you experience this, you don't have to worry, if your arthritis is lost automatically tingling you will also be lost.

4. Diabetes (Diabetes)

In diabetics, tingling is one of the symptoms of the occurrence of the damage to the blood vessels. As a result, the blood flowing in the ends of nerves is reduced. Usually the perceived symptoms like pain and feels menusuk-nusuk on the part of the foot. Read also: what is Diabetes Inspidus? Berbahayakah For The Body?

That's some diseases that might be natural if you often experience the tingling feet. To avoid the happening of it all, try to run the correct healthy lifestyle patterns that you live a healthy life and avoid various diseases on top.

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