This Muscle of the body 6 to work while Cycling!

According to the study, cycling is an effective cardiovascular exercise to train the heart, lungs or improve the circulatory system. Cycling was also able to turn most of the muscles in your body. Working the muscles will be even greater when you are pedaling the bike faster.

For those of you who have problems in the joints of the knee joint, hip or ankle, cycling became a practice that allows to train the heart and lungs without providing additional pressure on joints that are weak or injuries. In addition, cycling also helps the body to achieve a balance as well as reduce pain in your back.

The muscles of the body part where the work while cycling?

1. Quadriceps

The largest muscles in the foot is at the top of the thigh and leg work while we stretched. When cycling, position our feet will continue to spin, so the quadriceps muscles are trained will continue.

2. The Glutes

The glutes are the muscles that are in the area of the buttocks. Just as the quadriceps muscles, muscles of the glutes will work when the leg extends.

3. Hamstring

Hampstring is a muscles are muscles that are in the position of the rear foot, at the back part of the thigh. Different from the quadriceps, the muscles hampstring thus works when the knee is bent.

4. Calves

The muscles of the calves also called the calf muscles, which are on the lower leg. This muscle will work when the foot pointed towards the bottom.

5. Anterior Tibialis

These muscles are located on the front of the shins, and work when the foot leads. While pedaling a bicycle, legs will move rotate and move the muscles of the calves and the anterior tibialis in turn.

6. Hip Flexors

The hip Flexors are the muscles in the lower abdomen, and work while the hips stretchable. While riding the bike, stretching and toning the muscles takes place when the knee is approaching and moving away.

With cycling, then there are at least 6 muscles that work. If done continuously, then the muscles will be more trained and get maximum benefit. Then wait for what again? Grab your bike and buy equipment now and begin to ride your bike!

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