This Causes The Lung Wet!!

Wet lung or pneumonia (in medical terms) is an infection or inflammation of one or both of the lungs caused by a virus, bacteria or fungus. Some sufferers of lung disease that cannot be cured wet resulted in death.

Wet lungs causes can also be experienced by those who inhale fluids or chemicals that are dangerous. Sufferers of lung disease wet have airbags in the lungs filled with fluid or pus that impair lungs transfer oxygen to the blood. The following symptoms, causes, prevention and treatment of lung disease.

This Causes The Lung Wet!!

Symptoms of lung disease wet

The symptoms of ditumbulkan by lung disease sufferer is experiencing a wet cough phlegm so that mixes with the blood and respiratory systems will be disturbed as well as chest pain will be felt. In addition, sufferers of lung disease wet will feel the pain in the head, throat and some muscle on other body parts. Other symptoms that will be felt by sufferers of lung disease is wet the appetite continues to decline.

Causes of lung disease wet

The virus is one of the causes of pneumonia or lung wet. Respiratory sinsitial virus, influenza, adenovirus, and painfluenza is the cause of the wet lungs that often occur. In addition, this disease can be caused by aspiration of gastric content of oeh or other irritation.

Wet lung disease caused by the bacteria can occur through the nose or mouth when breathing in the neighborhood about the people affected by the infection. High-risk people who contracted lung disease are active smokers wet, people who have a weak immune system, pengkonsumsi alcohol, people who suffered from a chronic illness such as heart, diabetes, asthma, HIV, cancer and others.

Prevention of lung disease wet

Keep environment clean where you live can be a place of growing up and growing the virus or bacteria that could be the cause of lung wet which would threaten your health and make a good air circulation in the room on your home. 
Konsumsilah fruits and vegetables to keep the immune system strong.
Doing vaccines immunization especially in children that could prevent lung disease wet as well as attacks from bacteria Haemophylus influenza type B.

Treatment of wet lung disease


Sufferers of lung disease wet can consume herbal remedy containing extracts of the mangosteen rind, soursop leaf or flower rosella. The mangosteen rind extract has a high content of antioxidants and antibacterial effect that serves to inhibit and kill viruses, bacteria or fungus that causes the lungs to become wet.

Herbal remedy containing extracts of soursop leaf also has the ability to maintain immune system bergunan for the body of a weak and exposed to other diseases and can help the healing process for patients with lung disease. Besides mangosteen leaf extract and rind soursop, rosella flowers containing calcium, magnesium, omega 3, vitamins C, D, B1 and B2 can also be a drug for patients with lung disease.

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