The characteristics and causes of bowel cancer

Cancer is indeed a very dangerous disease, especially when you have reached such an advanced stage of 3-4. Cancer is a disease caused by the growth of abnormal cells in the body. In case of abnormal cell growth on the skin called skin cancers, and cancers that we discuss here is bowel cancer. Yes, colon cancer is caused because there is growth of abnormal cells in your gut.

Bowel cancer there are actually two kinds of i.e. " " colon cancer and bowel cancer " ", a subtle but often cancer is cancer of the colon. Colon cancer is the growth of cells that are not normal in the colon or the growth of malignant cancer cells on the surface of the colon or rectum.

The characteristics and causes of bowel cancer


Signs of colon cancer

For signs of colon cancer is not yet in the meticulous definitively because everyone will vary depending on how long the disease has lodged in your gut, and other factors. As for signs or symptoms generally like: Bleeding in the colon that are marked with the discovery of blood on the stool while defecating.
Changes in bowel function (constipation or diarrhea) without a clear reason, more than six weeks.
Weight loss without any obvious reason

Pain in the abdomen or the back.

Abdomen still feels full despite his bowel movements. A sense of tired constantly
Cancer can sometimes be a hindrance in the large intestine that looks at some of the symptoms such as constipation, pain, and a sense of bloating in the stomach.
Out of blood from the anus and weight usually goes down

The Cause Of Colon Cancer

there are some things that supposedly gave rise to a potentially powerful ganas: how the wrong diet (too much to consume foods high in fat and protein, and low in fiber), obesity (overweight), never exposed to colon cancer, came from a family that has a history of colon cancer, intestinal polyps have ever, age (the risk increases at the age above 50 years old), rare doing physical activity, often exposed to food preservatives or dyes are not for food, and smoking.

Prevention and treatment of


For prevention of bowel cancer itself is most important is eating a high-fiber, read: 7 high-Fibrous Foods is good for your health, because it is very good for relieving a variety of toxins that are in your intestines, so the risk of incidence of abnormal cells in your gut will decrease or even no if coupled with additional supplements such as calcium, vitamin E, d. additional Supplements you can get from fresh fruits and avoid smoking too. Because according to a study of smoking can also cause cancer of the bowel with the possibility 1-3 times more easily affected by colon cancer than people who do not smoke.

If you are already a positive hit by colon cancer, there are 3 possibilities of what you can do:
Local operations and polipectomi, however, this operation can be done while still at the early stage.
Bowel surgery, when the sufferer has been entered on the initial stage, and on the action to use this penyatan done on the belly and then the affected colon cancer be discarded, and then attached again.
Resection and colostomy is done after the surgery that is done to the healing process.

Early detection can also prevent colon cancer

Early detection is the investigation on the individual is asymptomatic (without symptoms) aimed at detecting the disease at an early stage so that it can be made curative therapy. With the probe early on, you can find out whether there is a something that does not face at your gut, if known can be treated so that "precancerous " does not become an advanced stage. It would be easier to treat bowel cancer if it is still at an early stage. Don't forget also to keep healthy life patterns, read: how to live a Healthy Life, healthy life patterns because of the risk of experiencing a wide range of diseases will be lower than your wanton life patterns.

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