The benefits of the consumption of the juice for Detoxification

After the long holiday, do you feel there is a change in your body? Common weight added after an extended vacation. And when it starts back activity, then you began to think of what exactly can be done to restore back the form and your ideal body weight. At least not to go back on the scales before the holidays.

One that you can do is to do a detox on the body by consuming only fruit and vegetable juice in a certain period of time. Many people who said this in addition to detoxification cleanse the body, improve health, mood and appearance. But the results of the Detox with juice is certainly going to be different on everyone.

The benefits of juicing to Detox:

1. Clean the digestive system from toxins
2. Improve immune system
3. Increase energy
4. Lose weight
5. Lower the risk of disease high blood

But you also need to know this kind of juice, unlike most juice available on the market. It's good if you consult a doctor for nutritional specialties get fruit and vegetable combinations that fit, under the supervision of a doctor. Detoxifying juice is a juice made with the basic combination of fresh fruits and vegetables. Without additional sweeteners or other flavorings. So if you decide to follow a detoxification program juice, then make sure you buy from a trusted place.

Although quite a lot of the benefits of consuming this type of juice, but this detoxification process You can not do in a prolonged period of time. The detoxification process with this fruit and vegetable juices should ideally be consumed for 3 days in a row, and repeated as much as 1-2 years. If more than that, it will give a bad effect on the body, such as anxiety, lack of fluids, no energy, until the depression. This is due to the reduced intake of nutrients needed by the body.

To get the benefits of fruit and vegetable Detox juices maximum, you must use quality ingredients. Would be even better if you use organic fruits and vegetables. Additionally use a quality juicer so as not to damage the vitamin is produced. Because most of the vitamin in fruit and vegetable will be lost when exposed to heat.

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