Powerful Pain Medicines From Natural Ingredients

When experiencing pain is very painful and make activities uncomfortable. We become more easily tired, lazy activity, difficult sitting and much more. There are myriad causes of lumbago. For example kleseo, wrong sitting, sleeping, sports injuries at the time and much more.

Pain occurs due to a pinched nerve or joint or not according to the place. If on leave granted, would cause more serious diseases. Therefore if you are experiencing pain, you must immediately cure. The following are some natural pain remedy extremely potent by using natural ingredients.

Medication Pain with natural ingredients

Powerful Pain Medicines From Natural Ingredients

Soursop Leaf

Pain medication is the first natural waist soursop leaves. You probably already know if it actually has a lot of soursop leaves all the benefits. There are some people who say, if soursop leaves substance can cure cancer. Besides being able to cure cancer, soursop leaf can also cure the ache. How to make it very easy. Take approximately 25 soursop leaves that are not so old, wash to clean. Stew using 6 cups of water, bring to a boil until remaining 3 cups only. Drink once a day, until the ache you completely healed. Read also: benefits of Soursop leaves for health

The Roots Of Weeds

The roots of weeds could also be used as lumbago naturally. the roots of weeds is very easily obtained. Usually the roots of weeds are used as heat in the drug. To make potions heal lumbago by using the root of reeds, very simple. Grab some stalks dried reeds roots already cleaned. Stew using 1 litre of water. Simmer until the remaining half. Drink one glass three times a day during morning, noon and evening. Done regularly, at present do not boil the sugar with added or materials of any kind.

The Leaves Of The Gods


Next is a pain medication leaves gods. The leaves of the God indeed have lots of benefits for treating various diseases. The leaves contain saponins, the deity of the essential oils, and flavanoid compounds. To make herb lumbago, you have to use some of the material. First prepare the 40 grams of leaves God, 35 grams of leaves china still fresh, 40 grams of temulawak and 600 ml water. Wash clean all the ingredients already prepared. Boil all the ingredients using water, simmer until the remaining half of the course. Strain the herb and then drink a day once.

Lily Leaves

In addition to using the leaves of the gods, the leaves of lilies can also be used as a natural pain remedies. Lily leaves contain substances that can make the joints and nerves at the waist for the better. How to make very easy also. Take a few sheets of lily leaves, wash clean. Use the leaves of lilies that are not too old and not too young. Simmer with the use of water to a boil then strain. Drink didihan leaves twice a day lilies on a regular basis, until the ache you healed.

By using natural ingredients is very effective used as lumbago. Those taking the drug regularly. It also had to do a little bit of movement, so that the waist can move a little bit. These materials are very accessible river around your neighborhood. How to make it also a very simple and easy. Most importantly you have to diligence of yourself so that the pain quickly recovered. So a little bit of reviews that I can tell. Hopefully can provide useful information for you.

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