Ozone Therapy To Cure A Variety Of Ailments

When hearing the ozone therapy, perhaps you're still very unfamiliar in the ear. These therapies are still not long ago known by many people. Before discussing further, you better know in advance what is ozone. Ozone is a component of the air which is made naturally.

Ozone is created due to the reaction of ultraviolet rays that come from the Sun with the top layer in the Earth's atmosphere. So the reaction will create a protective layer on the Earth that we refer to as the ozone layer. If there is no ozone layer, the Earth's creatures may be overheating because of the sunlight that is not berpenghalang. 

Ozone Therapy To Cure A Variety Of Ailments

The History Of The Ozone Therapy

After learning about what is ozone. Now we will discuss about the history of the ozone therapy. This therapy was first discovered in 1785 by Dutch physicist named Martinus Van Maroon. He finds a strange odor that comes from the engine elektostastik. Furthermore in the year 1840, Cristian Fredick chemist from Germany started to synthesize the smell. In 1857 an expert named Werner Von could make ozone using dielectric barieir discharger. This method will be generated from two atoms of oxygen, and naturally will unite to make the ozone layer. 

Ozone Therapy For The Treatment Of


What is the function of the ozone therapy for treatment. Now it's been a lot of clinics that use this therapy to treat various diseases of the Tigers. For the ozone treatment, using the tool ozonen generator. This machine will manipulate oxygen into ozone. Some scientists state that the body actually needs more oxygen. But when we are sick, sometimes the production of oxygen to go down. therefore by using this therapy will make more oxygen into the body. There are some diseases that can be cured with the use of this therapy. For example, tuberkolisis anemia, kidney insomnia, asthma, and much more. Read also: causes of Insomnia and how to cure it

Ozone Therapy For Beauty

After discussing the ozone therapy for the treatment of disease. Then there are the benefits of this therapy for beauty? By using this therapy, will make the skin cells regenerate more quickly. Indirectly resulting from oxygen therapy this will serve as anti aging. When a person was at the age of 30 years and above, the function of cells and organs in the body will decline. This is commonly referred to as premature aging. But if the cells and organs in rawat correctly. will continue to work with the maximum. Therefore, by performing this therapy, will make the cells in the body working well. oxygen can enter, and it will make you a more youthful. Read also: Natural Makeup Tips For naturally beautiful

The Workings Of The Ozone Therapy

Now we will discuss about the workings of the ozone therapy. This therapy is a technology that includes ozone and oxygen to the body's cells by using a special tool. Ozone is a gas-shaped and has a very pungent odor. Ozone used for this therapy, it is very effective to kill mold, bacteria and viruses. When doing this, therapy should not be indiscriminate. The dosage given should also be appropriate. Ozone has a pungent smell, if in breathe by lungs will become acidic and harmful to the lungs. Therefore when performing this therapy, must use special tools.

Ozone therapy is a new breakthrough. But in penggunaaannya to do proper oversight. Ozone is a gas and smell very pungent. Although ozone in the oxygen content there is good for the body. But if excessive will also endanger your own body. Therefore when wanting to do this therapy, should be done in the clinic was certified.

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