Know the symptoms of Epilepsy In children can be treated at early stages

Epilepsy is one of the diseases which can strike adults as well as children. This disease occurs due to neurological disorders in the brain that works episodic basis. Treatment of this disease does require a longer time. The granting of the right medicine and regularly being one way to treat epilepsy in children. As a parent, it is extremely necessary to better know how to handle a child who suffers from epilepsy. Therefore you should know the early symptoms of epilepsy that occurs.

Know the symptoms of Epilepsy In children can be treated at early stages

Total Convulsion (Seizure Total)

The symptoms of epilepsy in children the first is frequent seizures. Your child might initially be often experienced seizures. When it was entered into the seizure total, this is a very serious symptom. In the event of seizure total, children get to fell and lost consciousness. The total seizure time usually only lasted less than 3 minutes. At the time of the child's body will vibrate the ungovernable and rigid. The eyeball kid will be a bit of a twist. Saliva and urine already can not be controlled any longer, so it will fall out. After a seizure is completed, children will feel dizziness, nausea and pain in the body. After that the child will fall asleep in quite a long time. At the time of kenjang, set on something to be bitten, so that snapping teeth not hurt your child.

Empty Eyes Gaze

Epilepsy in children usually have different symptoms. If your child suddenly daydreaming and staring at an empty stare with. You need to be alert, because that could be a sign of early onset of epileptic seizures. The symptoms of this is called with the symptoms of petit mal seizures. Head and arm your child might be a bit of a limp.

But these spasms will not make your child to fall to the ground or unconscious. The time of the seizure is usually less than one minute. After a seizure occurs, your child can still be aware of what is happening.



Twitch is in fact already common to all people. Every epilepsy in children is also not necessarily happen this twitch symptom. The symptoms of this twitch will clearly visible, if it occurs at the kinds of focal epilepsy. Initially the twitch will happen ditempat-tempat. Like the fingers, then hands and much more. The next twitch will increasingly spread to other places up to the entire body. On these symptoms there are some children who were still conscious and partly there until losing consciousness.


The symptoms of epilepsy in children that is by its aura. Indeed it's quite difficult, because not everyone can see a person's aura. Aura is usually a symptom of early seizures occurred before the child's body. Kids will suddenly feel pain and pain in the entire body, smell that does not know its origin and hear strange sounds. Sometimes children will also feel something strange on the part of his belly. Usually a lot of people are not aware of it. Therefore, as parents, must be fully alert.

So some symptoms that can identify if your child is stricken with epilepsy. You have to know the early symptoms of epilepsy in children. If left, will take place the Add severe and would result in things that are not desirable. Like a psychic or physical disabilities. In infants it is indeed greater risk of occurrence of epilespi. There are many medications and therapies that can be used to cure epilepsy. But it takes a long time and more diligence.

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