How to Treat Gastritis with the Proper Way

How to treat disease ulcer? Perhaps the thing that is always in question for ulcer sufferers. It is because the sufferer of heartburn will feel the pain in the abdomen which is very unusual. Ulcer disease often underestimate for some people, however, will be more severe ulcer disease and result in a more dangerous disease when on leave. Therefore, it is important to immediately treat disease ulcer which you suffered.

Ulcer disease in akibatkan by some of the things that are best avoided by sufferers of ulcer like eating fried foods, eating tertur, caffeine. In addition, some other causes can also lead to ulcers such as stress, fatigue, smoking and lack of sleep. Ulcer disease is absolutely interfere with because it can suddenly come in and interfere with the activity that is being performed. Many medicinal drugs obtained in use, but its nature is only relieve ulcer for a while.

How to Treat Gastritis with the Proper Way

As for some of the symptoms of Ulcer you can know:

Stomach feels bloated and painful apalabila you eat late, and usually after eating any stomach still feels pain (especially the part of the stomach)
It will appear the nausea and want to puke if stomach acid is being high
Frequent belching, especially if the stomach in an empty
Pain usually accompanied by pain in the dilambung up to the solar plexus
Reduced appetite and usually head often dizziness

To overcome disease ulcer, you could do some how to treatment:


1. the first Herb

First, prepare 2 fresh turmeric fingers, then clean up cucui then grate and add boiled water. After that, juicing using a clean cloth. Let stand awhile juice, turmeric, after that you can take it 2 times a day.

2. the second Potion

How to treat ulcer disease can then use the leaves of the guava. The first tama prepare 8 pieces of guava leaf, then boiled using 1.5 liters of water to a boil. After that take the water and drink 3 times a day.

3. Herb Thirdly

Prepare turmeric to taste then in grated. After that, boiled grated turmeric with 2 cups of water to 1 cup remaining. After that, the use of turmeric water filter strainer tea. Drinking the concoction twice a day.

That's some herb that you can use to treat the ulcer disease you suffer. Herb is so natural, so you need not worry because the herb has no side effects. Konsumsilah the herb regularly for how to treat ulcer disease you suffer.

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