How To Naturally Remove Head Lice Hair

Got lice in the hair? For the year 2015 you still have a problem like this? If indeed you are the middle of experiencing it, we recommend you read this article, we give the title how to remove head lice hair the natural way.

Hair lice is an animal that is commonly grown in the hair of the head and it will suck the blood. In addition, if the hair has lots of fleas and uncontrolled will certainly be very disturbing. Usually fleas are found in children, but don't get me wrong it turned out that many adults exposed to fleas, because hair doesn't keep clean hair.

Then how do I cope with the lice hair? Calm down, this time we will provide information you can try by using natural ingredients, for using natural ingredients will not make the hair or the scalp becomes damaged. Just Yes ...

How To Naturally Remove Head Lice Hair

The presence of hair lice are indeed very annoying, as it would make us feel itching and hair lice it can also suck blood. Danger right? MAA from it this is how to eliminate fleas naturally with hair up to her eggs. Because, if you eradicate its useless but eggs remained stuck, because these eggs will hatch and gradually generate new fleas. Read also: these are 4 Causes head lice Hair

Using the comb meeting

How to remove head lice hair using a comb of the meeting is one of the most effective ways. Because in this way will not make your head hair or become damaged, in addition to using the comb meeting eggs that stick will also be lowered, but easy to use a comb that is truly meeting. Guaranteed to tick of your hair will be gone.

Shampooing regularly

We know the presence of head lice hair due to hair hygiene care for malasnya, and finally tick-tick is so roomy for breeding. Then keramaslah your hair with regular IE 2 days once, and after shampooing with shampoos, flea will get drunk then you can proceed by using a comb. In addition please do not mengkeramas hair with excessive way enough 2 days once and do not also menggonta – replace shampoo, this will damage your hair. Hair lice is not lost, even your hair is damaged. Read also: Powerful Tips!! How To Remove Dandruff Naturally

Use eucalyptus oil


How to eliminate parasitic animal blood or lice this hair with a natural way can also use eucalyptus oil. Here's how to add eucalyptus oil (enough 4 spoons) and coupled with the juice of a lemon, balurkan on the hair and let sit for 2 hours, then rinse using the shampoo.

Using coconut oil

Tips eliminate fleas next hair using coconut oil, with dipijat-pijat on the surface of the head and balurkan to the base up to the tip of the hair, then cover with the use of a towel and let stand approximately 6 hours. Read also: Coconut Fruit for Health Benefits

That's the natural ingredients of our environment, and you can do in the way of removing hair lice and without any side effects, will harm the hair and scalp.

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