How To Cope With A Natural Herb With Bronchial Asthma

Asthma has a range of its kind. One of these is the type of bronchial asthma. The disease is closely related to the respiratory tract and respiratory tract. This disease if relapse signifies a very distinctive characteristics. The hallmark of asthma bronchial breath sound are mengik, bengek, cough and shortness of breath. When bronchial asthma sufferers exhale his breath then you'll hear the sound of the breath mengik. This disease can be caused by a variety of factors. There are also caused by genetic factors. Because of the different ways of addressing the cause bronchial asthma sometimes also different.

How to cope with bronchial asthma using chemicals normally only are anti-inflammatory. How to cope with asthma bronchial anti inflammatory drugs with the drug is usually given to asthmatics who have acute and brediter. However this anti inflammatory drugs have side effects that are not good for health. The side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs inflamsi this will cause erosion of the bone, causing the moon face that is a pale face like the Moon and the other side effects that are not good for the organs of the body.

How To Cope With A Natural Herb With Bronchial Asthma

One way of overcoming asthma bronchial inhalation therapy is to do. Inhalation therapy with sufferers will be in therapy how do asthma medicines that directly sucking devoted to the respiratory tract. This way of working will quickly sour medicine. This kind of therapy is done for many other types of asthma sufferers not only on bronchial asthma. In addition to using the drug chemical drugs, there are ways of overcoming asthma bronchial with natural herb. Natural herb that can be used to address this disease is ginger.

How To Cope With Bronchial Asthma Can Use Natural Herb Is The Following:

Ginger about one and a half fingers, 3 cloves of garlic and one half that of sandalwood. First, burn off some ginger to kalis then memarkan. The onion in thin slices thin mixed with ginger that has been burned and sandalwood are cooked by adding water 3 cups. Cook the ingredients to mix the water into the half of it. Foster then filtered. This natural ingredient stew save in a sterile bottle.

How To Consume Natural Herb To Tackle Bronchial Asthma:


If used for children 5-8 years of age drink three times a day one tablespoon
For children ages 9-12 years to drink three times a day with a rate of 6 tablespoons
For adult drunk three times a day with a dose of 8 tablespoons
How to cope with bronchial asthma by using natural ingredients are more advisable. Because natural materials contain no side effects. In addition the materials easy to use certainly will be easier to do yourself at home. With so asthmatics are also easier to cope with his illness. A very important thing to look for bronchial asthma sufferers if consuming a natural Herb should pay attention to the prohibition of food abstinence. Asthmatics have abstinence consume foods made from flour, milk and cereals.

How to cope with bronchial asthma by using natural herb nature is a treatment that is controlling. In addition there is also a type of asthma treatment is a rescue. The medicine was drunk when the sufferer gets an asthma attack. Treatment of asthma with natural herb is the treatment of asthma with the model control. If the natural herb consume voraciously then sufferers will be gradually reduced relapse frequency asmanya.

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