Get to know the Diseases Meningitis ranging from causes, symptoms, treatment and Prevention

As we know, recently acclaimed artist Olga S death caused by one disease inflammation of the membranes. The disease called Meningitis. Meningitis is the inflammation of the membranes around the brain and spinal cord.

Meningitis is usually disebebakan by bacteria or viruses, and sometimes due to fungal infections, although almost all microbes can cause bacterial meningitis occurs.
When inflamed, meningitis causes swelling in the occurrence of infection, usually in the neck. The nervous system and the brain can be damaged in some cases. As for the Three symptoms of meningitis should look out for are fever, headache, and neck feels stiff.

Get To Know The Diseases Meningitis


Get to know the Diseases Meningitis ranging from causes, symptoms, treatment and Prevention.

Illustration of meningitis disease

As for meningitis handling steps can be done with some of the following:
Handling of meningitis can be done with a lot of rest and medication pain reliever for headaches. While the treatment of meningitis in patients of meningitis, can be treated with antibiotics or drugs to cope with infections caused by bacteria.

Care needs to be done in the hospital. For more severe cases, advised treated in the intensive care Unit (ICU) for vital functions of the body can be monitored carefully.

Meningitis would in fact be more easily treated if known early on, because at a certain stage it will be hard for obati, as in the case of Olga S Meningitisnya said already on stadium 4 so it is very difficult to obati and risk was death.

As for how to prevent meningitis can do the following:


1. early Vaccination

In Indonesia there are already two types of meningitis vaccines, namely vaccines Neisseria meningitidis Neisseria meningitidis conjugate vaccine and polysakarida. Neisseria meningitidis polysakarida vaccine can be given for any age and capable of giving protection of 90-95 percent. For children under the age of 5 years, this vaccine can last 1-3 years. As for the adults will protect over 3-5 years. Mengingokokus conjugate vaccine for only for age of 11-55 years. BPOM recommends that individuals ages 11-55 years doing this conjugate meningitis vaccination program.

The best way to prevent meningitis is to receive vaccinations early on. But because the disease is still very happening in Indonesia, early vaccines not be mandatory.

2. The pattern of healthy living

For an example of a case that occurred in Olga S, meningitis occurs because Olga too forced myself to work day and night and lacking enough rest. Easy steps to avoid the disease actually live with a pattern of healthy living by eating a healthy diet and enough rest and don't forget sports, so the risk of occurrence of meningitis it will be small and did not even exist.

The core of all this is all surely disease can attack anyone, and it's our duty so as not to be exposed to a wide variety of disease try to run healthy life patterns with properly. Hopefully the article time worthwhile.

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