Causes And Symptoms Of Appendicitis And Handling

Learn about the first symptoms of appendicitis before you find out causes and responses. The reason for some of the diseases most people not knowing what the symptoms are, so that they themselves do not realize that he had been stricken with the disease, that is one of the diseases of the Appendix.

Disease appendicitis is a disease that can occur when kapada appendicitis bowel buntuk experiencing inflammation, rupture and also had infections. The blockage will cause appendicitis pain can even cause the person hospitalized, when has been hospitalized so the way out is to do the surgery.

The cause of appendicitis is the presence of pathogenic bacterial infection, the infection begins by blockage of the intestinal tract caused by hard stools which will then cause inflammation. Below we will provide an explanation of the symptoms as well as the handling of appendicitis.

Causes And Symptoms Of Appendicitis And Handling

The Symptoms Of Appendicitis And Handling

The following are some of the symptoms of appendicitis that sufferers of appendicitis will be felt:
Pain at the belly button which will then propagate to lower abdomen slowly. This is one of the symptoms of this disease in the initial attack of the body, and most people are not aware of this pain and consider just plain sick.

An incredible pain in the abdomen, usually pain usually gets worse and then later also insten. This includes a fairly lasting harm because of the pain inflicted is really painful and not even be able to do any activity.

If the appendix has been getting worse then the next symptom is followed by high fever. Because of the excessive pain that will cause further symptoms to fever.
Vomiting and nausea more than 12 hours. If nausea and vomiting are not stopped then immediately bring to a doctor or the nearest hospital.

Diarrhea with discharge this slimy, usually when a disease has really jeopardized, then when it's been this way then surely step to do bring the patient to the hospital.
Bloated and often a waste of gas and abdominal pain followed by the bottom, for these symptoms most people assume that just plain cold sore, but this is one of the symptoms of the disease appendicitis.

Handling Appendix quickly able to carry and memeriksakannya to the doctor, because if not done correctly handling will harm your body or sufferers of appendicitis. Then to just check if you have appendicitis or not can by pressing the lower abdomen to the right, then release and feel if there is pain when pressure is removed then that symptoms of appendicitis. Read also: He Causes Lung Wet!!

Thus some explanation about what causes appendicitis symptoms, as well as the handling of what should be done soon, because if the handling was not done appropriately will harm the appendicitis patients.

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