Benefits Of Tomato Fruit For Beauty

Plum tomatoes, certainly not the thing that is familiar to us all. These tomatoes are often used for salad dishes which contain a lot of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that help nourish the body.

Tomatoes are usually better presented in the form of drinks, so that was an awful lot that utilizes this tomato fruit as one drinks menu in the cafenya business.

Plum tomatoes are almost used in all food in Indonesia, because its benefits are good for the health of the body, not only for the health of the body, it turns out that there are also many benefits an amazing tomato fruit for beauty. The following benefits of tomato fruit for beauty.

7 benefits of Tomato Fruit For Beauty

Benefits of tomato fruit for beauty

1. Cleanse the skin

Tomato is able to help restore and provide moisture to the skin. This is because Tomatoes contain a lot of acid. How to utilize the plum tomatoes for skin cleansing is a puree tomatoes with avocado fruit, use one for the mask on the face. Let sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. After that, cleaned using warm water. Read also: various types of skin diseases

2. Minimize the pores of the skin

Nutritious tomato fruit to shrink pores, the trick is to mix a spoonful of eating a tomato that was made with two drops of lemon juice are also already blended in a bowl. Then dip the cotton, then apply on face with circular movements. Let stand for 10 minutes, the face can be washed with cold water.

3. Addressing the problem of Acne

Tomatoes have a lot of acid substances content of highly effective cleaning the face from Acne with her black stains. The trick is to smooth the tomatoes and then DAB at the area of the facial breakouts. Let sit for approximately 30 minutes, this can be done on a daily basis in two weeks, which will soon be visible. Read also: how to get rid of acne Naturally

4. Tackling Oily Skin


The benefits of tomatoes next is overcoming the skin greasy. Same as how to resolve acne problem in number 3 above, will give you the benefits of tomatoes that overcome the skin greasy. Tomatoes that contain amino acids, vitamin A, and vitamin C are able to help reduce the levels of oil in our skin.

5. Heal skin burns

Skin that is too long in the Sun can burn. You can resolve this problem by mixing the yogurt with tomatoes. The trick is to soften the tomatoes first, then mix with a little yogurt, then smeared on your skin is burned.

6. Make your skin Shine

Nutritious tomato helps skin look radiant in a short enough time. The trick is to provide the tomatoes that are already blended and mixed with a little honey. Mix well and use as a mask on your face, let sit a while then rinse until clean.

7. Overcoming the hair dry and Itchy

Tomatoes can also be used as a basic ingredient of the conditioner. The trick is that once you have a wash, you use the tomatoes Juiced already as a conditioner, let stand a while before rinsing it off. Do regularly will help overcome the dryness on the scalp as well as your hair.

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