Antimalarials and ways of prevention

Before knowing the various antimalarials is, the better we should find out what it really is and how malaria prevention, because preventing is better than cure. As explained wikipedia's, malaria is a disease caused by a parasite called Plasmodium.

The disease is transmitted through the bite of mosquitoes infected with the parasite. Inside the human body, the parasite Plasmodium will breed in a liver organ and then infect red blood cells which eventually causes sufferers to experience the symptoms of malaria like symptoms in people with influenza, when left untreated, it will the more severe and can cause complications that resulted in death. Read also: Tips for Keeping the body's Durability in the rainy season

Miscellaneous Antimalarials and ways of prevention


The disease is most prevalent in tropical and Subtropical climates where Plasmodium parasite can thrive as well as Anopheles mosquito vector. The area south of the Sahara in Africa and Papua New Guinea in Oceania is the places with the highest malaria incidence figures.

Based on the data in the world, malaria kills one child every 30 seconds. About 300-500 million people infected and about 1 million people die of this disease each year. 90% of deaths occur in Africa, especially in children.
Miscellaneous Antimalarials and ways of prevention
As we know, malaria is very dangerous if not immediately treated, but how do I find out when a person is affected by malaria? Let us refer to the following traits or symptoms of malaria.
The agency feels heat cold
High fever
Excessive sweating along with the decrease in body temperature
Experiencing discomfort and uneasiness (malaise)

If it is exposed to malaria, malaria drugs give as soon as possible, and a cure can be found at dipuskesmas, or pain. 

As for the actual malaria drugs is divided into two kinds, natural medicine and chemical drugs/herbs. 
Here we will discuss natural remedies first.

1. Fruit wine

The content of substances quinine contained in create a wine is rated as a powerful natural substances to treat malaria.

2. Orange juice

This orange juice we can combine lemon juice to get the vitamin c and serves as a reliever on malaria sufferers. 

3. Papaya leaves

Papaya leaves are also known to be very powerful to treat a variety of diseases, including one of them is malaria.

4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is also one of antimalarials are proving to be quite powerful. You can mix it with honey and lemon juice to get the optimal results.

5. Basil leaves

The leaves are also believed to be able to treat malaria, as we know usually basil leaves is often used as a garnish lalab sambal.

Actually many more other natural malaria drugs, but to the point some plants and fruits above in General can easily be found around the US, so no need to bother looking for it all the way, let alone to outgoing messages the country.

And if sick with malaria it is urgent and must be treated immediately, better use of medicines that you can get from clinics or hospitals nearby. As for the obat-obatnya is as follows:
Atovaquone/proguanil (malarone)
If you understand please ask the doctor where the most good malaria medicine to cure malaria. Because each drug there must be shortcomings.

Well after knowing what is malaria and what his medications, now we also have to know the ways of prevention in order to minimize the disease recurred on you. As for the ways of prevention is as follows:
Using mosquito nets while sleeping
Avoid mosquito bites by wearing long dress covered
Use the anti mosquitos
Install anti mosquito netting
If you're traveling to a place where much of the malaria mosquitoes threaten, consult first with the doctor
Don't get out of the House after dusk
Spraying insect repellent in the bedroom and home contents
That's what the various antimalarials, what it was malaria, and to ways of prevention. Hopefully helpful Yes.

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