9 Signs you may have an Autoimmune

The number of Autoimmune penyitas worldwide is now increasing. When a health condition not known early, can lead to serious complications even death. Knowing the common symptoms of a disease that more commonly abbreviated AD (Autoimmune Disease) this is the right first step to better health.

BE ALERT! AD more mengjangkit women. The AD goes on in the body, so it is not visible. This is the importance of knowing the common symptoms of an Autoimmune Disease before it's too late.

Meet the doctor immediately if you experience one or more of the following symptoms:

1. Pain in the abdomen and Suffered digestive problems

The first common symptoms that occur are usually constipation or diarrhea

2. Swelling of the thyroid gland

Often referred to as a goitre

3. a recurrent Fever in happen in a long period

Autoimmune begins also with virus attacks which caused fever on your body

4. A sense of Fatigue

Do you feel tired despite having enough sleep time? Or you wake up with a hard body fresh after a good night? This is one sign of fatigue on your body

5. Itching and rashes on the skin

Some types of AD can also attack the skin. Be careful when starting to arise itching, rashes, discomfort, etc of unknown cause. This is probably not just a sign of an allergy to something

6. The sensation of Tingling in Legs

Tingling can mean you have a serious syndrome condition sutu. Don't be shy saw a doctor for these symptoms

7. Weight changes unexpectedly

You ought to be aware of while experiencing weight changes unexpectedly. Including losing weight or are overweight that you can't explain why. This may be a sign that Your immune system is already turned off the system metabolism in the body.

8. Skin discoloration

If you wake up in the morning and found the skin and the white part of Your eye is yellow, you likely have one Autoimmune disease. Check with your doctor immediately.

9. Food allergies

Food allergy at penyitas AD unlike allergies in General that cause itchy skin and rashes. But food allergy at penyitas AD usually gives rise to a State of resistance to water or intestinal abnormality.

Prof. Harry Isbagio, SpKD-KR – Professor of FK UI mentions, if you positively diagnosed AD, the first thing you should do is relax, do a lot of thinking negatively. Believe me that Your disease can dinkontrol by modern medicine. In addition, the perbanyaklah activities that nourish the body and soul. A lot of things you can do, such as: decorate the walls of your home, make a healthy breakfast, shopping for some needs that make families comfortable in your home and help you live a day with joy, etc. Don't forget to sleep at least eight hours per day.

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