6 benefits of Strawberries for your health

Who the hell is that nobody knows the strawberries, where the fruit is sour and sweet is widely preferred by almost all walks of life, from children, teenagers, adults to the elderly. In addition to directly edible.

This fruit also turned out to be processed into a variety of other specialities. Some processed foods from the fruit of the strawberry is among other juices, ice cream, jam and a wide variety of processed foods.

Here we will give you some info about the benefits of fruit, such as strawberries, namely as follows:

Diverse Benefits Of Strawberry Fruit


6 benefits of Strawberries for your health
A variety of benefits for the health of strawberry fruit

1. The benefits of strawberries as a cancer preventive

The first benefits of the fruit of the strawberry one is as an anti cancer, because this fruit itself has a lot of content of anti-oxidants which are quite high and can prevent free radical damage that exists in the body. To avoid one of the deadly disease, the consumption of fruit is red in this one routine. Read also: Learn Tips and how to prevent cancer Early

2. Benefits of strawberry fruit to treat acne

Strawberry fruit is also beneficial to treat stubborn acne on the skin of the face. Because some of the existing content to commemorate it's like vitamin C, salicylic acid and falvonoid serves to clear acne and also reduce the levels of excess oil on the face. Read also: how to get rid of acne Naturally

3. Helpful keeping skin health

Vitamin C and antioxidants that exist in this rewarding strawberry fruit helps prevent damage that occurs on the skin. Because these free radicals can damage the skin. But all of that can be resolved by utilizing the fruits of the strawberry. Read also: the kinds of natural facial skin care that's easy to do at home

4. Useful to maintain digestive health


Benefits of strawberry fruit berikutnyan is to maintain digestive health. Because vitamin C that is in this fruit stimulates the secretion of saliva and gastric fluid. So, when you have problems with your digestion, you can consume the fruit of this one.

5. Beneficial for lowering cholesterol

Other benefits of strawberry fruit more to lower cholesterol because strawberry is also rich in phyto-nutrients. Where these compounds also serve lower risk of disease kradisovaskular which inhibits the oxidation of low density protein-lip.

6. Make the skin becomes brighter

The dark color of the skin can become brighter when consuming the fruit one inis ecara routine. This fruit contains a high content of vitamin C that can deliver nutrients to your skin. Vitamin C that can make the skin becomes brighter, healthier and shinier.
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Some of the benefits our strawberry fruit share to you, may be useful and you can use as a reference for your health. Therefore from now on don't get lazy to consume strawberries.

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