4 ways to prevent Flu And its spread

The flu can strike anyone, from children to adults. However, children have a greater risk of developing flu than adults. Why is this so? This is because their body's immune lower than adults. Not only that, the kids often do whatever they want without washing your hands first. In other words, children are less able to maintain the cleanliness of their own.

Then if we can prevent others or our families from attack of the flu? Of course it can!
The rainy season or winter flu season which is often struck. This is because our body's immune is often diminished his ability because it is politically to fight against the cold taste of itself. This then leads to the condition of the human body is susceptible to germs and viruses. Read also: Virus HPV is the major cause of cervical cancer and Cervical Cancer traits and how to prevent it

How to prevent and avoid spreading the flu


Some steps that you can take to prevent and avoid spreading the flu include.

4 ways to prevent Flu And its spread

1. Come to the clinic or hospital to get the Flu vaccine

Children above the age of 6 months until the parents should get a Flu vaccine every year, especially where the flu season is being struck. If you are pregnant or you are a person who has a problem with multiple allergies, it's good you consult first with the doctor before getting a Flu vaccine.

2. Make it a habit to wash your hands 

Try to wash hands before meals and before bed. Or after coughing, sneezing, and after you clean your nose. Because if not immediately cleaned up bacteria or viruses will easily stick in hand and eventually cause the flu.

3. Keep the coughs and sneezes of yourself

Keep coughing and sneezing of yourself with how to use the handkerchief or sniffer, or if you must use a part of your body to resist coughing or sneezing, use the inside of Your elbow. Read also: natural remedies for sore throat and cough

Take note! It is important not to hold your hand when using cough and sneeze.

4. keep your hands from the mouth, nose, and eyes.


In the winter or in the flu season is a good time to really do these tips above. Because of course preventing is better than cure. By reducing contact with hands, eyes, nose and mouth can certainly reduce the risk you are exposed to the flu.

We often hold something that sometimes become a source of germs and viruses, then unconsciously, we immediately take food, toothpicks, spoons, dishes etc, and then use it. That's what cause someone famous virus more easily as the flu. Read also: some causes of Herpes and how to treat it

Make it a habit to wash hands
The best way to prevent known and prevent the spread of flu is to wash your hands. Wash your hands well and properly is the first step.

Form good habits washing hands, is a habit that can prevent germs get into your mouth and your body.

Well, consider how to wash your hands well and right here.

1. use warm water

Hand washing should use warm water. Not too hot water and cold water.

2. use SOAP

To wash your hands, you can use any type of SOAP. Either the SOAP or fragrant indeed in formulasikan as antibacterial. Because using the SOAP would be better than not using SOAP.

3. Wash hands for 15 s/d 20 seconds

When you wash your hands with SOAP, make sure you wash the wrist, fingers, and around the nail. The nail is the most endeared by germs, where they can hide in it. Wash hands for 15 s/d 20 seconds, will make you safer from the flu virus.

4. Rinse and pat dry

You can rinse and dry using a towel. And often please wash your towels. Since towels can also be a den of germs if never washed, or just washed once a month.

5. Tell your friends

Tell a friend to keep clean is also the step that you can use to prevent yourself famous flu.

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