10 benefits of citrus fruit for health

Good news for those of you who love to consume citrus fruits. This is because you can feel the 10 benefits of citrus fruits for the health of our body. Besides it feels good, apparently citrus fruits have many benefits for the health of the body.

Citrus fruits easily obtainable either at a traditional market to large markets such as supermarkets, making citrus fruit into one of the most consumed fruit society. As we know this citrus fruit known for its vitamin c in it. And it turns out many more nutritional content and its benefits for your health.

Well what are the benefits of citrus fruits? Read more reviews here.

10 Health Benefits of citrus fruits


There are a number of benefits of citrus fruits to be had if consumption:
10 benefits of citrus fruit for health
For the health benefits of citrus fruits

1. Prevent Cancer

Citrus fruits are very rich with content of limonoid proven able to prevent the presence of cancer of the skin, colon, stomach, breast, and lung as well. Read also: Learn Tips and how to prevent cancer Early

2. Prevent kidney stones

Try to consume orange juice in the daily routine, this will help lower your risk exposed to the disease of kidney stones. However, there is too much bolah, this is because the sugar content in citrus fruit and too many will also cause rapid tooth hollow.

3. Minimize the risk of liver cancer

A study in Japan say that consuming citrus fruits, such as citrus fruits of mandarin will help decrease the risk of cancer of the liver. It is because of the many citrus fruits contain vitamin A is known as carotenoids.

4. Lower the cholesterol in the body


Although citrus fruits contain lots of water, but it turned out that citrus fruit is also rich in fiber will help lower the cholesterol in your body.

5. Maintaining healthy Heart Organ

Citrus fruits contain potassium which acts to keep the heart rate so that remained balanced. So consume citrus fruits will really help avoid disease cardiac arrhythmia or irregular heart beats.

6. Ward off various diseases

Citrus fruit that is very rich in vitamin C may help protect cells from free radical attack, so the body will be spared from different kinds of diseases.

7. Fight against infection by viruses

A study proved that the levels of polyphenols in citrus fruits can help the body fight the infection by a virus attack.

8. Overcoming Constipation

Citrus fruits are rich in fiber not only helps lower cholesterol but also helps overcome constipation and bowel difficulties.

9. Healthy Eyes

Citrus fruits have changed so carotenoid components of vitamin A that is similar to its seperit on the carrot. If avidly consume citrus fruits will help kesehetan organ of our eyes.

10. Control blood pressure

Citrus fruits contain flavonoids are the same as Apple works to control the order that the blood pressure remains stable.

Well, that's the 10 benefits of citrus fruits that I have given, in addition to the above benefits, 10 by consuming citrus fruits can also protect your skin from damage and neutralize the acidity in the body, as well as a healthy carbohydrates.

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